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Community Fair Trade: Honey

We use Sheka honey organically harvested from the Ethiopian rainforest. It has a distinctive floral taste and smell because of the wildflowers the bees visit to make the honey.


Beza Mar are experts in Ethiopian Honey, are dedicated to improving the livelihoods of Ethiopian beekeepers and are extremely strict about the quality of their honey. They’re the first honey producers in Ethiopia to be delivering honey to foreign buyers – and our trade brings a precious source of income.


Honey is one of the few methods of earning money in the rainforest. The beekeepers recognise the importance of preserving the forest to protect the future of their income, and choose to keep the forest in its natural state rather than clearing land for agriculture.



Producing honey is a family affair. Beekeeping families make their beehives themselves from locally grown bamboo and grasses. Once made, the hives are hung in the forest ready for the local bee population to make a beeline to their new home.


Ethiopia is the top honey-producing country in Africa. In 2009 we used 32,000kg (32 tonnes) of honey in our products. That's the equivalent of around 4,000 beehives.


Negotiating a fair deal is a group effort. The fair price we pay for our honey is decided in partnership with the local beekeepers, NGOs and the Ethiopian government's own ministry of agriculture.