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Community Fair Trade: Hemp

Our hemp seed oil comes from hemp plants grown in England. The plants are very fast-growing and thrive in the damp climate. According to the farmers, the plants are naturally resistant so there is no need to use pesticides.


We source our oil from a co-operative of small-scale family farms. Although many of the farmers still grow traditional cash crops like wheat and potatoes, growing hemp has given them, and the local landscape, more diversity.


Many small family farms in England have been taken over by large agribusiness, making it harder for these farmers to earn a living from traditional crops. Diversifying into an alternative crop like hemp is helping small farmers to earn a living and helping to create job opportunities in the local economy.



We were one of the first customers to buy hemp from this co-operative of family famers. Our trade pioneered the use of hemp in beauty products.


Hemp is a remarkably versatile plant. Traditionally, hemp was used to make ropes for sailing ships. More recently, fashion designers have used hemp fibres to make clothes. Hemp seed can be used to make oil for beauty products as with our Hemp skincare range. And hemp can also be used to make loft insulation.


Growing hemp is a boon for hard-pressed farmers. It grows quickly and the farmers don't spray the crop with pesticide. Which is cheaper for them and kinder to the environment.