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Community Fair Trade: Coconut

Our virgin organic coconut oil comes from the island of Samoa. The coconuts are hand-gathered and hand-cracked. Then the flesh is grated and cold-pressed to release the fragrant oil. It can take over 10 coconuts to make just one kilo of oil.


We source our virgin organic coconut oil from Women in Business Development (WIBDI). There are around 200 organically certified farmers in the co-operative, which was originally set up to create opportunities and a regular income for women on the island. Today, whole families are involved, helping to gather the coconuts and make the oil.


Samoa is a group of nine islands in the South Pacific. Volcanic activity is frequent, and the islands are vulnerable to other natural disasters such as cyclones. Life on this isolated island can be hard and unpredictable, and the population relies heavily on agriculture and fishing for income.



Finding work in rural communities is often difficult. The jobs and opportunities the coconut oil trade creates help families to stay in their villages instead of moving to the city to find work.


The trade in coconut oil provides WIBDI with funding to maintain other traditional island crafts. One of these is fine mat-weaving which produces cloth used for traditional warrior ceremonies, which can also be sold for extra income.


The island is now growing many other organic ingredients, including vanilla, ginger, mango and bananas. This is great news for the island’s trade, and its environment.